1+ 1 = 1 (Spiritual Mathematics)

Text: Genesis 2:24 

I want to start this month’s Inspirational Message with a quiz using the above Graph.  For a moment before going any further, I want you to read our text, Genesis 2:24 then study it.  What does it tell you?  I’m going to time you as you consider… one thousand one……one thousand two…., one thousand three….one thousand four….…, TIMES UP!  I’m sure that what you were able to interpret from the graph is that over time; a couple who has God in the center of their lives grows to be one as our text demands.

When God spoke the nuptials over Adam & Eve, his intention was to place in society a union that would have a monumental calming impact on society. St Augustine, 4th Century Church Father wrote in this regard in his treatise Of the Good of Marriage.  “… the first natural bond of human society is man and wife”   The oneness principle is beautifully   illustrated by Church Father, Tertullian, in a letter to his wife dated, 202 AD: “How beautiful, then, the marriage of two Christians, two who are one in hope, one in desire, one in the way of life they follow and one in the religion they practice. They are as brother and sister, both servants of the same Master. Nothing divides them, either in flesh or in Spirit. They are in very truth, two in one flesh; and where there is but one flesh there is also but one spirit. They pray together, they worship together; they fast together; instructing one another, encouraging one another, strengthening one another. Side by side they face difficulties and persecution, share their consolations. They have no secrets from one another, they never shun each other’s company; they never bring sorrow to each other’s hearts… Psalms and hymns they sing to one another. Hearing and seeing this, Christ rejoices. To such as these He gives His peace. Where there are two together, there also He is present, and where He is, there evil is not.”

The Apostle Paul’s writings regarding marriage in his letters to the Churches in Corinth & Ephesus.: 1st Corinthians 7:3-4 “Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband: The wife hath not power of her body but the husband, and likewise the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.” In short, the wife’s body belongs to her husband and the husband’s body belongs to the wife..…again the oneness principle. Paul writes further in Ephesians 5:28 “So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.  He that loveth his wife loveth himself.” Here again you see the oneness principle; if I hurt, my wife feels the pain, if my wife is unhappy, I as her husband feel her unhappiness. Why?  Because we are one body.

So you see my sisters and brothers, my calculations are correct; 1+1 does equal 1.  Are we agreed?  If you want to improve your marriage, walk together as one, worship together as one, pray together as one, and keep God in the center of your lives.

Yours in Christ,


Dempsey Scott Harrison, Jr.








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