God notices the Lord remembers

… “O Lord of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, … 1 Samuel 1:11a

Truly believing that God notices you, the Lord remembers you can change your outlook and outcome. Sometimes the way individuals thought life would go is altered by disappointments and impossible situations. They are left with anguish weeping and grieving hearts.  If this is you, has it become life’s theme? Does it dictate your initiative, words, behavior, relationships, attitude? If so, take a look at the dysfunctional family in 1Samuel chapter 1.

If you were to read only the first few verses, in, relationship status with the husband and childbearing may appear most pertinent. You will find a love triangle; Hannah, her husband Elkanah and his wife Peninnah. Each respond to circumstances, desires and perception in ways common to people today. Psalm 10:7 describes many who are like the Peninnah; their mouths are full of curses, deceit and oppression.  Much like Elkanah, others feel helpless in a situation or do not know what to do. So they react with well-meaning intentions; lacking understanding of the seriousness of another’s pain or believe the things the world value (gifts, money) are enough to overcome a situation.” They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.” Jer.6:14 The concept here is applicable to the harm caused when the seriousness of a situation is not recognized.

The other wife, Hannah was the target of destructive ridicule, well-meaning but judgmental sense of what’s important or insensitive comments like, just get over it. If only it were just a few words; but their behavior began to accentuate jealousy, anger, exasperation, powerlessness and antagonism.  It penetrated, consumed their hearts, minds and souls.  Focus on the things this family couldn’t get pass was painful and destructive.

Nevertheless, Hannah’s actions bring to light that while these things may be prominent, they should not be construed as the signature theme in the text.  Nor do they have to remain the signature theme of your life. That year, Hannah refused to superficially go before the Lord! In order for life to take a different course she became determined to seek the Lord with all her heart rather than lean on her own understanding.Prov. 3:5 Hannah asked the Lord to notice and remember her; God performed her requests [see Sam. 1:19; 2:21]

In some ways you may relate to any of these three family members, torment, misery, misunderstood, deceit, oppression or not recognizing the seriousness of the situation etc. These things are not uncommon to man, Jesus said tribulations would come.

However, chose to identify more with Hannah’s revelation. In all these things you can be more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ who loves us. Rom. 8:37God see’s you; He will strengthen and help you [see Is 41:10]. In the unfolding of her trials and tribulations, Hannah discovered that faith, hope and prayer, were the way to cross from impossible, unbearable situations to refuge and change in the Lord.  Open your mouth and pray, “Jesus take notice and remember me”.       

Yours In Christ

Rev. Von Crigler

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