Rev. Dr. Charles G. Adams, President
Rev. Dr.LaVerne Bostic, Academic Dean

 The Hartford Institute of Biblical Studies
Sunday School & the Academy
Faith & Intellect
Learning to
Biblically and Theologically

The purpose of the Hartford Institute of Biblical Studies is to better equip men and women of faith to carry out their assignment from God, which is to represent God’s truth, God’s sense of justice and God’s perfect love.  The Institute reaches out to laypersons, church leaders, teachers and ministers who have pledged to follow Christ’s teachings in both manner of life and ministry to all people.

Our Objectives are:

  1. To provide a curriculum of pertinent courses for persons interested in attending seminary and/or divinity school.
  2. To provide an academic program to prepare people to implement their roles as disciples.
  3. To provide an environment for people to grow spiritually and to broaden their knowledge of the Bible by providing biblically-sound exegetical methods of how to interpret sacred scripture.
  4. To provide Christ-centered teaching and training designed to enhance student’s personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth of Christian behavior and service to all humanity and the  environment.