Entrance Requirements

The Hartford Institute for Biblical Studies is open to any person whose has the desire to be trained in Christian doctrine, spirit and attitude. One must only have a true desire to become a better Christian by striving to follow in the path of Jesus Christ.

The Institute offers college credit in courses that can serve as fulfillment of credit towards certain ministry degrees at other Christian Institutions, as well as credit towards a certificate program in one or more areas of Christian service. Opportunities are also available for one to register and audit several courses for no credit

Financial Policies

A non-refundable registration fee must be paid each semester for registration in courses leading to a divinity degree or certification i the Christian Worker or Christian Living programs. This fee is $35.00 and is due by the end of the second week of classes.


The Hartford Institute of Biblical Studies will be closed on all official state and federal holidays.

Four 10-week quarters, which will be offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer for each academic year.  Telephone the Institute at (313) 861-1285 to receive the current year’s calendar..


Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled, on a regular punctual basis. The grade of a student missing more than three sessions of a 10-week semester may be seriously affected. Three instances of tardiness constitute one absence. Excused absences for legitimate reasons (such as illness, death, family emergencies) may be made up by arrangements with the faculty.

Supplies and Equipment

Students are expected to furnish their own pens, pencils, and notebooks. Textbooks and supplementary reading materials are to be purchased by the student and will be made available at the Church Bookstore.

Transfer of Credit/Testing Out of Classes

It is possible for students to obtain credit for program courses by either receiving credit for similar courses taken at other institutions, or testing out of foundation courses, courses with a prefix of (CF). These are decisions made at the discretion and evaluation of the Dean of the Hartford Institution of Biblical Studies.

Grading System

The grading system for certificated programs is a pass/fail. Students working toward degree credit at other partnership institutions will receive a grade that is in keeping with the requirements, rules and regulations of the partner institution. Auditing students will not be graded. Students working towards credit are expected to hand in all assignments on time. If class work for credit Is not completed In a timely manner, the student risks suspension. Once suspended the student may be readmitted only upon the dean’s approval.

Rules of Student Conduct

All students are expected to conduct themselves in an adult Christian manner. While classes are In session, students are to be courteous, attentive and refrain from unnecessary talking. Cell phones are to be put on silent mode and all phone conversations are to take place outside of the classroom.

Certificate Programs

At the Hartford Institute for Biblical Studies, students may earn credits towards two types of certificate programs: 1) Christian Leadership Certification, and 2) Christian Living Certification.

The Christian Leadership certification requires that students must successfully complete the 105 clock hours of instruction in the course work listed under the Christian Leadership program. The student must also pass the Christian Leadership exam at the end of all course work. Once this is done, the student will be awarded the Christian Leadership certificate. This certificate is appropriate for congregational members who desire to seek leadership roles within the church, and is especially suitable for persons seeking or involved in leadership roles in church ministry work.

The Christian Living certification requires that students successfully complete the 105 clock hours of instruction in the course work listed under the Christian Living program. The student must also pass the Christian Living exam at the conclusion of all course work in the program. Once this is done, the student will be awarded the Christian Living certificate. This certificate is appropriate and supportive of persons seeking to be better Christians in their daily contact with friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers, and for those who desire to be more effective workers within church ministries.

Refund of Tuition

Refund of Tuition All tuition and fees for courses will be refunded if requested within three (3) business days of the payment.