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  • Institutional Baptist Church (1917 - 1922)

    Hartford has had three edifices since it inception as Institutional Baptist Church in 1917.

    —Institutional Baptist located at 6236 Hartford Avenue. After Hartford Avenue Baptist built its second edifice, this building became and served as the Hartford Avenue Baptist Church Center from 1924 – 1958.

    —Hartford Avenue Baptist Church edifice, located at 6300 Hartford Avenue, first brick story was built in 1924. In 1945, the second story was added. An article written in 1920 described the vision of how Hartford Avenue Baptist Church edifice was going to look. In 1956, the Educational and Recreational Wing was added.

    —Hartford Memorial Baptist Church edifice, relocated to 18700 James Couzens Highway because of the growth of the congregation.

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  • Congregations

    Hartford’s congregation has grown over the 99 year history of the church.

    —Institutional Baptist Church was established with 5 founders and at its first services had approximately 30 new members in 1917.

    —Hartford Avenue Baptist Church in 1924 when it was built and moved into its new edifice had over 200 members.

    —Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in 1977 when it moved into its present location had over 10,000 members.

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  • Institutional Baptist Church changes name to Hartford Avenue Baptist Church in 1922

    Vision in 1920: Institutional Baptist Church will be a two story brick building one day.

    The short article from the November 13, 1920 Detroit Contender read as follows:

    The Proposed Institutional Church, Corner Hartford and Milford Avenues. This is the proposed Institutional Baptist church, corner of Hartford and Milford Avenues, of which Rev. Chas. A. Hill is pastor. This church when completed will represent an outlay of about $100,000. This congregation is one of the most intelligent in the City of Detroit. Rev. Hill but recently took charge of the work here.

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  • Hartford Avenue Baptist Church

    First brick building (and first story) built in 1924

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  • 1924 Congregation

    1924 Congregation in front of Hartford Avenue Baptist Church at 6300 Hartford Avenue.

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  • Hartford Avenue Baptist 1945

    Hartford Avenue Baptist Church builds Second Story in 1945

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  • Children’s Sunday School in 1945

    Hartford Avenue Baptist Church 1945

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  • Completed Edifice of Hartford Avenue Baptist Church from 1917-1977
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  • Hartford Memorial Baptist Church 1977 - Present

    18700 James Couzens Highway, Detroit, Michigan 48235

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  • Future Vision of HMBC Model 2015

    Front View

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  • Future Vision of HMBC Model 2015

    Rear View

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  • Model of Vision of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church

    Viewed from James Couzens Highway