Hartford Institute 18900 James Couzens Fwy Detroit, MI 48235

Meet The Team

Lawrence T. Mathews
Chief Finance Officer
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Edith Clifton
Media and Public Relations
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Marvin Moore
Assistant to CFO
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Sheila White
Administrative Assistant to the CFO

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Pastor Bob Kennerly

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Diane Jenkins
Director of Finance

313-861-1285 Ext: 411

Teri Graves
Accounting Clerk

313-861-1285 Ext: 416

Deacon Brandee Pruitt
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor

313-861-1285 Ext: 417

Lt. Jacqueline Henderson
Chief of Security

313-861-1285 Ext: 541

Claudean Jackson

313-861-1285 Ext: 410

Deanna Williams
Contributions Clerk

313-861-1285 Ext: 428

John Green
Universal Janitorial Service

313-861-1285 Ext: 440

Andrea Whitfield
Spears-Watson Bookstore Manager