Pastor Bob Kennerly

(313) 861-1285 x421

Pastor Bob Kennerly is the webmaster for the new Hartford Memorial Baptist  Church website.  He is also the Team Leader of the  HMBC Web Team that created the design for the new HMBC logo. His talent and  creativity catapults Hartford church well into the world of 21st century technology  and far ahead of other churches and nonprofit organizations in the area. Hartford  members around the globe can now stay in touch with the church through this new  informative, interactive, link to the Hartford Family. We’re now just a click away.

Reaching out to our youth, Pastor Bob has made that an easy task by adding  “FaceBook” to the website. Even the younger members of the Hartford  family can stay in touch with the church using the communication technology that  fits their lifestyle.

For those that may think we’ve stepped out a little too far; even the Pope is now using  FaceBook to reach Christians around the world.

Take a good look at the site and learn to utilize all of the technology that is now  available to you. The more you visit the site, the more you’ll want to visit the site.

The attractive home page offers daily updated information about the upcoming service,  Looking Ahead from Pastor Adams, the culinary Ministry’s Sunday breakfast menu, a view of church bulletins, a calendar  of events, photos of church events, and some of the services that are available at the church especially the much requested  Pastoral Care through the Stephens Ministry, and much more. You can even click on CNN to get the latest  news updates, or click on BBC. We are truly global!