Mission Statement

The church usher helps the Pastor to make the service a success by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message, for the usher meets the people with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome, and directs them to comfortable seats. The usher also sees to it that perfect order is kept in and around the church at all times during the services. Church ushers are missionaries for they propagate the church spirit throughout the congregation.their conduct at the service is a reflection on the church. Therefore, it is to the interest of the church that our conduct as ushers be the best at all times.


The purpose of the Adult Usher Ministry #1 shall be to combine the positive energies of Christian adults to serve God in His Holy House by performing the following duties:

  1. being doorkeepers in the House of God,
  2. assisting the pastor by putting the congregation in a positive frame of mind by greeting people with a pleasant smile, warm welcome and ushering them to comfortable seats,
  3. maintaining perfect order in church at all times during the services;
  4. distribute material as required from the pulpit; and
  5. collecting the church offerings.

Requirements for Membership

Membership to AUM#1 shall be open to Christian adults having a sincere commitment to serve and cooperate in the purpose as set forth in Article II. In accordance with Church law, only AUM#1 members who are also Hartford Memorial Baptist Church members will be permitted to hold office in the Ministry.

Ministry Schedule for Service

  1. AUM#1 is responsible for church worship service on the second Sunday of each month.
  2. AUM#1 is assigned the responsibility for activities during the second week in each month (funerals, special services/programs, concerts, etc.)
  3. AUM#1 is assigned the responsibility for Thursday evening service for scheduled services.
  4. All usher ministries are called to support Combined Usher Ministry scheduled services/activities.
  5. All ushers are called to come out and serve whenever schedules allow.