Matthew 27:16-20 is understood, particularly by the Baptist Denomination, to be the message, mandate and mission of the church and believers. The Passage is often called the “Great Commission” and every church thus becomes a mssion station.

The General Missions Ministry is one of the conduits through with Christ’s orders are obeyed. The Ministry carries out its responsibilities on two levels. On the first level it seeks to embrace, coordinate and cooperate with the various ministries that engage in mssion activities. Periodic reports are submitted to the Pastor and Leadership Council.

The second level of operation is specific to the Ministry. It becomes the parent body to the small groups known as circles. Representatives attend the monthly meetings of the General Mission. They report their activities and share in the business of the meeting. Each circle is expected to bring a financial contribution to the meeting to support the effors of the General Mission.

The officers report their activities and share social concerns, educational opportunities, programs and projects. Most of the reports stem from the Women’s Departments of both the Progressive National and American Baptist Conventions.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the broader mission effors of these departments. Monies contributed to the General Mission account from any source are used to satisfy the commitment of service to all mankind.