Mother Knows Best

“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’” John 2:5

Mother Knows Best

May is sometimes thought to be a month of commemorations, holiday social gatherings, as well as celebrations.  When thinking about May, blooms like tulips and daffodils come to mind; Mother’s Day; Memorial Day; holiday cookouts; and maybe even spring birthdays.  It feels like a time of freshness and new beginnings after the long, overcast, wintry days of frigid weather and slippery streets and sidewalks.

The text is in the context of a wedding celebration that certainly depicts new beginnings for an unnamed couple or host.  Jesus was there with his mother and some of his disciples. I found myself wondering about the host that invited Jesus and his disciples to the wedding.  I mean I can understand the Lord’s mother getting an invitation, but Jesus had just arrived in town and well—who were these people that invited Jesus, God incarnate, to their wedding?

And that got me thinking about the context of our redemption experience when we invite Jesus into our heart.  Do we ever grasp the reality of the magnitude of Jesus living in our hearts and the impact of his abode inside of us? It’s something to reflect upon because just like these people at the wedding having a good time and not really understanding the presence of God among them, stuff happens, and we find ourselves needing the Lord’s help.  Now in this case the host had run out of wine—and it didn’t occur to him to ask Jesus for help with what could have been an embarrassing predicament.

But Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew who accompanied her to the wedding not only as her son but was Someone holy sent by God through her body. And so, like so many of us in need of God’s help, she expressed her concern to Jesus about the wine shortage only for Jesus to remind her of his earthly purpose.  And what happens next is so precious yet powerful because Mary knows that even though Jesus was Someone Holy sent from God, he was still her son and he loved her.  She knew that he loved her and would always help her in any way possible.  And so, she confidently tells the servants to “Do whatever he tells you.”  If you do whatever he tells you to do, it’s going to be alright—and it was.

Yours in Christ,

Lurecie M. Stokes

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